Lansing & East Lansing Aging in Place Solutions

The Meridian Company is here to help you or your elderly family members stay safe and comfortable at home for longer. Give us a call today at 517-339-6300 to learn more about getting aging-in-place modifications in your Lansing home.

As people age, they may face difficulties in performing daily activities like using the bathroom, which can lead them to consider moving into assisted living facilities. However, with the help of aging-in-place modifications, seniors can live comfortably in their own homes for as long as possible.

The Meridian Company specializes in bathroom remodeling, including aging-in-place modifications, making it easier for seniors in Lansing, MI, and nearby areas to maintain their independence. These modifications enhance safety and increase accessibility and comfort in your own home.

We also offer specialized accessible shower installations to help you make your home more accessible.

Shower Modifications

Many people may have an idea in their mind that modifications for seniors will be clunky or unattractive. This is not always necessarily true! The plumbing remodelers at The Meridian Company can help you make stylish upgrades to your shower to make it safer and more accessible to elderly family members.

If your bathroom currently has a bathtub, you may consider replacing it with a shower or at least installing a walk-in tub. If you are considering installing a shower, a curbless (or zero-threshold) shower is a great option for both accessibility and aesthetics. Whether you decide to go with a shower or walk-in tub, sturdy grab bars are an essential modification to help with getting in and out. Finally, consider the design and position of the showerhead being installed. A lightweight, easy-to-grip shower head that can be mounted lower on the wall is ideal.

ADA-Compliant Toilet Replacement

When it comes to the toilet in your new, elderly-accessible bathroom, looking for an ADA-compliant toilet is your best bet. In order to be ADA-compliant, a toilet has to be between 17-19 inches tall from the top of the seat to the floor. This height is ideal because it makes it easier to sit and stand again.

More aging-in-place modifications may include an elongated toilet seat, a bidet attachment, and (once again) grab bars to help with getting up.

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Other Aging-in-Place Modifications You Should Consider

Aside from toilet and shower modifications, there are a few other ways your bathroom can be easier to age in. Here are a few more ideas for aging-in-place solutions you may want to consider:

  • Non-slip floors or mats
  • Lower sinks and cabinets
  • Improved lighting
  • Lower towel racks and shelves
  • Seating in and out of the shower (if possible)

We are here to help you and your family remain at home as you age with these aging-in-place solutions and other plumbing services you may need throughout Lansing and East Lansing, MI.

Call The Meridian Company today at 517-339-6300 to ask about our aging-in-place modifications for your bathroom. We are here to help you stay comfortable and safe in your Lansing home for longer.