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electrical fires

Household Electrical Hazards You Can Avoid

3 Common Electrical Hazards Most Houses Have Between smartphones, electric stoves, dryers, and all the other electrical appliances of the modern age, it’s hard to imagine a world without electricity. But the benefits of electricity don’t come without their risks. There are an estimated 51,000 home fires caused by electrical hazards every year, and most


air leaks

How to Seal Your Air Leaks

How to Seal Your Air Leaks If you’ve ever walked through your house and suddenly felt a cold draft of air in the middle of your hallway or bedroom, you may have an air leak in your midst. An air leak occurs when you have a crack somewhere in your walls, windows, roof, etc. that



Essential Education on Water Heater Systems

Essential Education on Water Heater Systems With August here, most Lansing children’s thoughts are on returning to school and all that they will be doing and learning about in the coming school year. In the spirit of the beginning of the school year, we want to give the adults a little sneak peek of what