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When you need reliable plumbing services, call the company your friends and neighbors trust. The Meridian Company offers top-quality plumbing repair and installation. Call 517-339-6300 today to speak to one of our expert staff!

Keeping your pipes running smoothly is a top priority for homeowners. On a daily basis, we rely on our plumbing for washing, cooking, dishes, and more. For expert service in Lansing and East Lansing, MI, call the professionals at The Meridian Company. We can protect your pipes and ensure your plumbing is working efficiently.

Trust us for any of the following plumbing services:

Don't hesitate to call the experts at The Meridian Company for burst pipe repairs! We can help you reduce the damage to your home with our immediate service.

Plumbing Repairs You Can Trust

Why Invest in Professional Drain Cleaning?

Dealing with a tough clogged drain that just keeps coming back? You've likely already tried at-home drain cleaners with little success. That's because commercial drain cleaners are only a quick fix; in other words, they do not remove the entire blockage that has hardened to the inside of your drains. With the help of professional drain cleaning solutions, you can enjoy clean drains free of debris. At The Meridian Company, we use a variety of methods depending on the severity of the situation. Some clogs we can remove with simple snaking and others require the heavy-duty power of hydrojetting. In any case, contacting a professional licensed plumber is the key to removing tough clogs from your drains for good.

How to Know if You Need Water Heater Repair

Has your water heater finally failed you? If your hot water heater is no longer producing hot water, it's time to call in the professionals for help. Water heaters have an average lifespan of 10-15 years before they start giving you problems and requiring frequent repairs. If your hot water unit is around this age, it may be time to consider water heater replacement. If it is fairly new and you haven't experienced many issues with it, repairing it will likely be the most cost-effective option. We'll always try to repair your water heater first before recommending a replacement, but there does come a point when your old unit will need to be replaced. In either case, you can always trust our licensed professional team to provide expert advice and cost-effective water heater repair and replacement services.

Full-Service Plumbing Installations

Achieve Your Bathroom Remodeling Goals

One of the focal points of any bathroom remodel is the shower or tub. Perhaps you are thinking of updating your current tub with a newer, more modern design. Or maybe you'd like the best of both worlds and go with the shower/bathtub combination. No matter your preference, our bathroom renovation experts can help you meet your remodeling goals.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe with Whole-House Repiping

Do you have a home built before the 1960s? If you answered yes and you haven't replaced your old pipes with a new, safer version, you might want to consider doing so asap. In the past, home builders would use galvanized steel piping, which can easily corrode and cause lead buildup in your water supply. One common material that was used to replace these steel pipes in the past is polybutylene piping. While it was once highly regarded, this material has been found to turn brittle over time due to chlorine found in water.

If you still have steel or polybutylene pipes in place, it is recommended to have a whole-house repiping done to protect the safety of your loved ones. The Meridian Company provides professional repiping services carried out to code. We install both copper and PEX pipes and layout the benefits of each option so you can choose the best fit for your unique needs and budget.

Did you know that you can save on your energy bills when you switch to a tankless water heater? Call our trained techs to see if this is the right option for your Lansing or East Lansing home.

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Repair

Plumbing emergencies are no joke. They can cause serious damage to your property and can put your safety at risk. Fortunately, The Meridian Company is here to provide emergency plumbing repair services you need in a hurry. We have the expertise and tools to get your job done right the first time. Any plumbing issue that causes damage to other systems or poses a threat to the safety of your property is considered a plumbing emergency and takes our top priority. Some common plumbing emergencies include:

  • Burst pipes: Frozen or structurally weakened pipes can compromise the integrity of your plumbing system. When pressure builds either from a clog or expanding freezing water, your pipes may crack from the inside out. This is already causing a mess and a repair, so we don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Problems don’t only happen during business hours- that is why we’re available for 24-7 plumbing repair.
  • Gas line leaks: Gas leaks are dangerous and should be taken seriously. Our emergency plumbing repair service covers anyone who thinks they might have a leak. If you suspect a leak, open doors, and windows, don’t touch the light switches, and evacuate your property. Call us right away so that we can identify and solve your problem before it gets worse.
  • Severe Clogs: Sometimes clogs are so severe that a plumbing system begins to back up. In the event of a clog like this, 24-7 emergency plumbing repair is necessary to stop flooding, which will damage your property and potentially cause some health risk.

Why Work With Us?

The Meridian Company has been in business since 1984, providing plumbing solutions to Michigan homeowners. Our team of experts is passionate about providing top-quality service. With every plumbing project we work together on, you can expect the following:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We are so confident that you will be more than pleased with our work, we are willing to put our guarantee on it.
  • Guaranteed Pricing: When you hire us for your next plumbing project, expect to pay the exact amount you were quoted. We guarantee our pricing, so you aren’t shocked with an unpleasant bill at the end.
  • Commitment to the Environment: We believe in supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly products and repair methods.
  • Respect: Our technicians will treat your property like it’s their own, making sure everything is clean and tidy before we leave.

We are proud to offer the most comprehensive service in the Lansing and East Lansing area. By following safety and building codes, we can ensure your plumbing is operating efficiently and safely.

Our Promise to You

We’re homeowners too, so we understand how important it is to keep your family and home investments protected. With our strong ties to the community and code of ethics, let us serve you for all your plumbing needs.

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Homeowners in the Lansing and East Lansing, MI area, know to call us whenever they need a plumbing issue solved efficiently. Speak to our friendly and knowledgeable professionals today at 517-339-6300 for more information and a quote.