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Backflow is a very real danger for many homeowners. After an interruption of service, your water can be compromised and unsanitary to use. At The Meridian Company, our backflow testing and certification methods are trusted and reliable. We can prevent your Lansing or East Lansing, MI home from being affected by backflow.

Lansing and East Lansing Backflow Services - The Meridian Company

Controlling the flow of water in your home is crucial, but so is maintaining its quality! Our water softener system installation services can rid your water of dangerous impurities and keep your family healthy!

What Is Backflow?

In basic terms, backflow is a reversal of water in your pipes. Several issues cause this to happen. They include:

  • A power outage at the water plant.
  • Flood water from something like a heavy rainfall overflowing the sewer system.
  • A loss of water pressure flowing through your system.

Any number of these issues will cause backflow to occur. When this happens, your water is subject to many bacteria and impurities. Your home water will be contaminated and no longer safe to drink or use for washing.

The best method to prevent your water from becoming contaminated by backflow is to install a backflow valve. These valves work as a flap that covers your main water line. As long as the water is flowing out of your lines, the flap stays open. As soon as there is a reversal in the flow, the flap will seal and prevent contaminated water from entering your home. More recently, organizations such as FEMA and other emergency preparedness groups have recommended that backflow valves are installed in each and every home to protect families from these issues.

What Happens If Backflow Occurs?

If you experience backflow in your home, the best thing to do is to call the professionals right away. Our team will check your backflow device and ensure it worked properly. If contaminated water has entered your pipes, we will then thoroughly flush out the system with clean water to make sure your family is protected against bacteria and other impurities.

Backflow services are only the surface of what our plumbers offer. Our team is highly trained and capable of solving and preventing any plumbing emergency you have!

Unique Features on Every Call

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We’re confident you will be impressed with our service.
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  • Environmental Commitment: We recycle and work with brands that share our commitment to the environment.
  • Respect: We will clean any mess created by our services because we respect your home and time.

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