Carbon Monoxide Safety Testing in Lansing, MI

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Combustion Zone Appliance (CAZ) Testing

Could your furnace, water heater, fireplace, or oven be making you sick? Natural gas and propane appliances provide us with an excellent source of space and water heating as well as cooking much of our food. However, if the combustion bi-products (i.e. carbon monoxide are not being completely exhausted to the outside, they could be leading to health risks in your home. In this segment of the audit, we will test all of your natural gas or propane open combustion appliances for:

  • Proper ventilation of appliance exhaust gasses – pressures in the home can potentially inhibit proper exhausting and pull dangerous fumes back into your home.
  • Natural gas or propane leaks from the appliances or piping.
  • Carbon monoxide testing to determine if your appliances are creating risks for you and your family.

Combustion Zone Appliance (CAZ) Testing - The Meridian Company

We know that this service doesn’t immediately come to mind when you are thinking about optimizing the energy efficiency, comfort, or environmental impact of your home, but we will emphasize that making sure you are safe from the risks of improper combustion and poor exhaust of gasses needs to be the first priority on your home. With this portion of the audit, you will receive:

  • A written report from our technicians detailing if your home passes or fails any of the safety testings.
  • The immediate steps that need to be taken to correct any failure and guidance when selecting closed combustion replacement equipment.

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