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Don't wait for your AC to fail, invest in regular tune-ups and inspections to ensure your air conditioner is working at peak efficiency. Call The Meridian Company today at 517-339-6300 to schedule your expert AC repair and maintenance.

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Is your air conditioner making funny noises or not working the way it should? The experts at The Meridian Company can help. Our team can assess the situation and provide you with repair options to fix the issue. This is why homeowners in Lansing and East Lansing, MI trust us with all their AC repair and maintenance issues.

Consistent air filter replacements and cleanings go a long way in preventing avoidable AC repair services and saving you money in the long run!

Here for Your Emergency AC Repairs

A malfunctioning air conditioning unit in hot weather is considered an AC emergency for several reasons. The most obvious reason is that it can cause serious discomfort and even put your safety at risk during extremely hot temperatures. When your AC doesn’t work properly, the issue could be caused by an electrical malfunction, which could start a fire.

We provide quality, 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair when your AC isn’t working as it should. When your AC issue has turned into an emergency, we make it our top priority. Emergencies don’t always happen between the hours of 8-5, so we have the professionals and tools to get the job done right, day or night.

What Are Some Common Air Conditioner Problems?

These units are designed to cool and dehumidify your home efficiently. However, several issues are most commonly associated with repairs in AC systems. The most common repairs we see include:

  • Thermostat issues are usually to blame if the unit turns on and off without actually changing the temperature in your home.
  • Worn out or damaged wires will not provide proper power to your unit and will cause it to malfunction.
  • The air filter works to provide the unit with a constant stream of fresh, clean air. If the filters are clogged, it causes the unit to strain and can breakdown.
  • Mechanical and electrical components in the AC such as the evaporator coil, blower motor, fan belt, and more can malfunction and fail, causing problems.
  • Your unit needs to drain water produced from the condensed air. If there is a blockage or issue with the drainage, it can cause your unit to break down.

As soon as you notice something wrong with your air conditioner, whether it’s making a strange noise or not cooling your home properly, call the professionals at The Meridian Company.

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

We recommend investing in an AC tune-up & inspection at least once per year. Most often, homeowners will schedule air conditioning maintenance for the spring, to prepare for summer. Some homeowners also invest in an inspection in the fall as well to ensure the unit did not experience any small problems during the summer. This service can help save you money and prevent unexpected breakdowns or failures.

Sometimes power outages can damage your AC units. Work with our electricians to prevent costly electrical malfunctions in your home!

Why Choose Us?

With each and every service call, we make several promises to our customers. These promises are:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Commitment to Protecting the Environment
  • Showing Respect for your Home and Property

Your air conditioner can work efficiently for years and years if it's properly maintained and repaired. Call 517-339-6300 and find out how we can save you money on energy bills with quality Lansing and East Lansing, MI cooling system maintenance.