East Lansing Drain Repair and Replacement

Your plumbing system relies on clear drains. Call for drain repair today!

Drain pipes have the important job of transporting wastewater from your home’s sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, washing machine, and dishwasher. If your pipes need repairs, your entire plumbing system suffers. Drain problems such as clogs, cracks, and corrosion can be catastrophic, and shouldn’t be ignored.

If you need prompt, professional drain repair and replacement solutions in the East Lansing, MI, area, you can count on The Meridian Company. We know drains like the back of our hands, and understand the delicate and detailed inner workings of home plumbing. When you choose our team of top-notch technicians to help with your drain issue, you’ll enjoy:

  • Complete and correct solutions
  • Clean, friendly service
  • Upfront pricing
  • Quality products from leading brands
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

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Your Local Kitchen Drain Repair Experts

You need a drain repair service company you can trust, and that’s The Meridian Company! When you’re tackling kitchen drain troubles, we’re here to help. Food particles, grease, fat, and oil can wreak havoc on your kitchen drains, leading to clogs and buildup that can be difficult to clear. Whether you need blockage removal or pipe replacement solutions, you can rest easy knowing our results are accurate and long-lasting.

Choosing Between Bathroom Drain Repair and Replacement

It can be hard to determine whether your bathroom drain requires repairs or replacement services. Damaged pipes will often cause symptoms such as discolored water, leaks, higher water bills, fluctuating water pressure, puddles under bathroom fixtures, and water marks on walls or ceilings. A clog, however, will usually result in slow-draining fixtures, unsanitary backup, strange gurgling sounds in pipes, foul odors, and even pests in the pipes. If you notice any of these signs of bathroom drain problems, call a professional for pipe repairs. A plumber will guide you toward the best solution, determine whether your pipe damage is severe enough to warrant pipe replacement services, and provide a quick and quality fix.

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Need Fast Laundry Drain Replacement? We’ll Help!

Your washing machine has a drain hose that collects used, dirty water and dispenses it into your laundry drain pipe. A blockage in the drain hose should be resolved by an appliance repair technician. But if your laundry drain has a clog, The Meridian Company can provide repair services so that you can get back to your normal clothes-cleaning routine ASAP.

Signs You Need Floor Drain Repair

Floor drains probably aren’t the first to come to mind when you consider your home’s drains, but they need the same TLC as fixture drains, and have an equally important function. You may have floor drains in your basement, utility room, garage, kitchen, laundry room, and more. Common floor drains problems include:

  • The backing up of water or sewage
  • Blocked drains
  • Foul odors

The Meridian Company can provide a fast fix for floor drain issues in East Lansing. If you need drain solutions that last, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment for service.

Drain problems are one of the most common plumbing concerns. Call The Meridian Company at 517-339-6300 if you are in need of a drain repair and replacement professional in East Lansing, MI.