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Lansing and East Lansing Accessible Shower Installation - The Meridian Company

Wouldn’t it be nice to create a shower oasis in your home? One that looks great, feels great, complements or enhances your bathroom design plan, and above all else, is safe? When you work with The Meridian Company, safe and stylish bathroom design solutions are entirely possible and can be cost-effective too. The Meridian Company specializes in accessible shower installation for homeowners throughout Lansing and East Lansing, MI. We provide a range of solutions for all types of needs, including curbless showers, hand-held showers, handicapped and barrier-free showers, roll-in showers, and more.

We can take on any bathroom project no matter how big! Our bathroom construction services are available to take on even the most complicated work!

What Is a Curbless Shower?

Curbless showers remain level with your bathroom floor. This means there is no awkward and bulky bathtub wall to climb over and no shower curb to accidentally stumble upon. Curbless showers are the next logical step in the evolution of bathing options. They present ease of motion unmatched by traditional showers and bathtubs.

  • Space Efficiency: With curbless showers there is no longer a division of space between the bathtub or raised shower platform and the rest of your bathroom. Curbless shower solutions create a spatial fluency that eliminates clutter, making your bathroom look and feel larger.
  • Increased Safety: Remove the worry of tripping over bathtub walls, raised platforms, soap dispensers, and other unnecessary clutter. Curbless showers support greater security, comfort, and overall independence.
  • Ease of Mobility: In curbless showers you can spread out and be comfortable. Want to add a safety seat? Go ahead, there’s more than enough room.
  • Solid Home Investment: By making your bathroom look and feel larger, you are increasing the potential value of your home.

Do you have questions about whether or not a curbless shower may be the right choice for you? Just contact a member of our team today to learn more.

Our Diverse Selection of Shower Grab Bars

Shower grab bars are a convenient and cost-effective way to make any shower safe and secure. We offer an engaging selection of shower grab bars that come in a variety of colors, styles, and lengths.

Useful in any shower, for any person, grab bars work to give everyone an additional sense of security, and that makes a BIG difference. Shower grab bars help make your bathroom the comfortable oasis you always intended it to be. Consider installing grab bars to provide additional ease of use and safety to all who enter.

Not all shower grab bars need to be alike. We have an array that we can mix and match or install according to your whim. These sturdy yet elegant safety devices come in all shapes and sizes to fit every shower design and bathroom décor.

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Curved
  • Lightweight
  • Safety rails
  • Stainless steel, chrome, aluminum
  • Various sizes and color options

Shower grab bars allow everyone to shower with confidence. They certainly help people who may have limited mobility, but are useful for all. Here are some benefits and advantages of installing shower grab bars:

  • Easy to grip
  • Enhanced balance
  • Slip prevention
  • Available in versatile styles for varying bathroom and shower designs
  • Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Universally Designed Shower Heads

Never struggle to reach that shower head! If you are struggling, then it’s time for a change. Simplify your home and keep those in it safe and secure.

Showerheads should be built and installed as easy to reach, comfortable to hold, and effortless to grip and maneuver. We assure you that your new shower head can successfully function in all of these ways while at the same time appear stylish and elegant, matching any bathroom décor.

If you’re using a shower seat or wheelchair, the showerhead should be installed at a lower level and fitted in accordance with your bathroom and shower design plan. Eliminate the struggle of unsuccessfully stretching to reach an out of the way shower head. Get easy access with our variety of shower head solutions.

Universally designed shower heads make showering easier and more comfortable for everyone.

  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Easy grip
  • Lightweight
  • Simplified bathing
  • Flexible—can lock in place or be mobile
  • Varying simple-touch spray combinations
  • Easier to clean the shower or bath

Interested in a custom look for your shower? Our team has a wide variety of shower customization tools and resources to provide you with the shower of your dreams!

A Simplified Aging in Place Solution

The key to aging in place is independence. Independence means worry-free affordability that eases and enhances household living. We work hard to ensure that independent living remains a real and tangible possibility for as many people as possible. Our universally designed shower solutions are safe and cost effective while maintaining a commitment to sleek, stylish design. Our products and services are designed to meet the challenges of daily home living and that means providing both comfort and adaptability.
Some of our other safe accessible shower solutions include:

  • Comfort Showers: Redesign or upgrade your shower with a shower seat, additional space, curves, easy-to-access doors, plus a variety of other design details that make showering safe, clutter-free, and accessible.
  • Shower Platforms: Shower platforms help raise shower floors for easy wheelchair access and increased independent living.
    Stay safe. Stay independent. Let our professionals inspect your unique situation and make affordable recommendations to help create a worry-free home environment so you can stay committed to living freely and safely.

Call now at 517-339-6300 and speak with a member of our team to learn more about how our variety of safe bathing solutions can help you or a loved one.