Indoor Air Quality Services in East Lansing

If you’re concerned about your indoor air quality, you’re in good company. Here at The Meridian Company, we’ve helped countless East Lansing, MI homeowners reduce indoor pollutants and contaminants with the latest IAQ equipment and technology.

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Your family’s health and safety is our number one concern. When it comes to the air you breathe, make sure it’s clean and pure with air quality system services by The Meridian Company. Our experts in Lansing and East Lansing, MI can help with air sanitizers, dehumidifiers and more.

The Top 4 Air Cleaning Systems

Whatever air purification system you chose, you should have it professionally serviced once a year to make sure that it is doing its job efficiently. These systems require routine vacuuming, especially the outside panels and grills, to remove dust and dander.

  • Ionic: The negative ions produced by this system capture positive ions like dust and allergens. These are affordable and do best to reduce smoke odor.
  • HEPA: Originally made to remove radioactive dust particles, we now use them to eradicate mold, dust mites, pet dander, bacteria, and even pollen. Filters need to be changed every 3 months.
  • UV: Ultraviolet light destroys microorganisms altogether and do the best job at preventing illness and disease. As for upkeep, the bulbs need to be changed periodically.
  • Carbon: This is the most effective, absorbent filter. Best of all, it reduces odors and fumes without releasing any of the contaminants back into the air.

What to Know About Replacing Your HVAC Filter

The EPA did a study that found indoor air quality to be 70% more polluted than outdoor air. And when people changed their air filters regularly, their air quality significantly improved along with their health.

We highly recommend routine air conditioning filter changes, particularly to our customers with allergies. Ideally, the filters should be replaced every 1-3 months. Depending on where you live, your air quality could be better or worse. For our customers who live in urban areas or who have multiple pets, we suggest replacing your filter every month to two months.

In addition to improved air quality, your system will run more efficiently if you routinely change your filters. Your utility bills will be lower and your system will age slower. Airflow will not be obstructed, and your property will be better able to keep up with the demands of your thermostat.

The Meridian Company Difference

Since 1984, we have helped homeowners in the area with all their plumbing problems. After several years providing plumbing-specific services, we expanded our business to meet the needs of our community. Our specialties now include the installation, repair and maintenance of indoor air quality systems. In addition to providing expert service with these devices we can also make the following promises on every service call:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are confident that you will be more than impressed with the quality of our work.
  • Guaranteed Pricing: All pricing is handled before the work is carried out to ensure that you are not surprised with a bill you didn’t agree to.
  • Environmental Sustainability: We are committed to providing the best and most environmentally conscious services. We recycle all materials and work with the best brands that share our environmental values.
  • Respect: Your property will be treated like our own when you call us to your home. We will ensure all messes are cleaned before leaving your home.

Did You Know Humidifiers Promote Health?

Dry, stale air is a trademark of snowy Michigan winters. Installing a whole-home humidifier could make all the difference in the comfort level of your home this cold season. Basically, humidifiers add moisture back into the air. They aid in relieving irritated sinuses and dry skin, and can even save your throat from drying out and reduce snoring at night. The potential for nose bleeds and cracked lips is way lower with a humidifier at home. If you’re not sure what type of humidifier is best for your home or are considering a whole-home humidifier, give us a call!

Consider scheduling an air conditioner and furnace maintenance visit for improved air quality throughout the year.

Personalized Recommendations

Whether you live with allergies or simply want to protect your family from outdoor bacteria and impurities in the air, we can develop an air quality system for you. Our technicians work with homeowners to personally solve all their indoor air quality needs. Depending on your requirements, we can suggest and recommend a system that will benefit your family, add value to your home and run efficiently and safely on top of everything else.

Working with Honesty and Integrity

When you call The Meridian Company for advice or suggestions, you can remain confident that we will not try to upsell you on a product or service. As a company, our main concern is to provide useful and accurate information to our customers.

Breathe easier, reduce allergies and improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems in Lansing and East Lansing, MI. Call 517-339-6300 today and ask for a quote on professional indoor air quality system installation and repair.