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It can be frustrating dealing with several different contractors for each of your home comfort jobs. Remembering all of their guarantees, dealing with different customer service agents, paying bills to different contractors, trying to track down everyone – it’s all just more trouble than it’s worth.

Well, all that trouble is over because The Meridian Company is here for you. As the leading heating, cooling and plumbing contractor in the St. Johns area, we can help you will all aspects of your home comfort needs including the planning and installation. In the business since 1984, you can depend in us to be respectful, friendly and reliable.

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Heating Contractor In St. Johns, MI

Your heating system is essential to keep you warm and cozy during the winter months. Here is a brief list of the service we offer St. Johns area residents.

  • Repair: Don’t stress over an issue for your boiler or furnace system. We are familiar with and able to service all types and brands of heating systems. 
  • Replacement: If you are looking to save money on your energy bills or want to get rid of your old unit, you should consider replacement. 
  • Installation: We can install a new unit in your new home or as part of a remodel. 
  • Furnace Tune-Up: Your furnace should be serviced at least once a year. We will thoroughly inspect and service your furnace to make sure the unit will run through the season and be safe for your family. 

AC Contractor In St. Johns, MI

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Don’t suffer through the summer months. Here is a list of the service we offer to St. John residents:

  • Repair: When your sir conditioner is acting strangely, we can inspect the unit and repair any issues you may be having.
  • Replacement: When you want to lower you energy bills or feel like your old unit is at deaths door you should consider replacement.
  • Installation: A new air conditioning system can not only keep you cool through the summer but also raise your home’s value.
  • Tune-Up: Your air conditioning unit should be serviced at least once a year. With an annual tune-up, you can reduce you chance of a breakdown by 94%.

Plumber In St. Johns, MI

Functioning plumbing is essential to a smoothly running home. Here is a list of services we offer our customers:

  • Drain Cleaning: A drain can clog for a variety of reasons. We can use our Hydrojetting machine to help restore your pipes to their original condition.
  • Plumbing Repair: Plumbing issues may be frustrating. The Meridian Company can repair any type of plumbing issue that you may have.
  • Plumbing Replacement: When your pipes or drains are causing you more problems and have developed leaks or cracks, it may be time for replacement.
  • Plumbing Installation: If you are remodeling or building a new home call The Meridian Company to help. We can install sewer lines, whole home plumbing, toilets, sinks, kitchen and St. Johns appliances.
  • Video Inspection: Our video inspection units can get a look at the inside of your drains to see what the real cause of your issue is.
  • Water Heater Service: We can install, repair and replace your water heater system. We also install and service tankless water heater units.

We are your total home service provider in St. Johns, MI! Learn how our team's growth and commitment have led us to become an award-winning company on our About Us page.

Why You Should Hire A Licensed Electrician

It can be tempting to try home repairs on your own, but electrical service poses serious risks. You could easily put yourself in danger without taking the necessary safety precautions. The strength of the current in a standard home can easily cause electrical burns, serious physical harm, or even death.

Working without a licensed electrician puts your home at risk too. A large portion of accidental home fires is a result of improper wiring. Each state and city has certain building codes in-place to keep homes as safe as possible. We have a full team of licensed and fully-trained experts here at The Meridian Company.

You can count us to get the job done right and to the highest standards. Our St. Johns team specializes in breaker panel services, smoke detectors, and all of your general residential electric needs. If you live in St. Johns or the surrounding area, then give us a call. We're here for you at The Meridian Company.

Smoke Detector Installation & Inspection

Smoke detectors are a great addition to any residence. House fires account for over 300,000 fires on average per year. Anything a homeowner can do to lessen the damages and response time of a fire is priceless.

Our team is specially trained in smoke detector installation, replacement, and service. If you are looking to install a new system, then just contact one of our team members. We can answer questions, or give experienced advice.

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